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Best of NOVA Gym Award 2021-2024

Halo Fitness Experience offers a refreshing approach to fitness that is a much needed and welcomed change from the cold and stuffy big box corporate gym atmosphere. Come experience the difference for yourself!

Which program best aligns with your goals?


Beginners to advanced. 

Is your goal to lose body fat, tighten, and tone but less concerned about how much you can lift?


Flexible options starting at $99 per month.

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Beginners to advanced. 

Want to be strong?  See why CrossFit is creating stronger, faster, healthier and more athletic bodies no matter the age!


Flexible options starting at $99 per month.

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Beginners to advanced.

Our Halo Youth Strength & Conditioning program is perfect for youth of any ability from 7-15 years old.


Options starting as low as $160 per month.

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Group Fitness Classes

TRY 2 WEEKS FREE! A selection of group classes to help members reach their individual fitness goals.  Memberships start as low as just $99 per month.

CrossFit Kids (Ages 4-9)

For kids ages 4-10.  CrossFit Kids is an exciting and fun way for kids and teens to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle habits.  Starting at $80 per month.  Try a free class!

Barbell Club

This program is for the individual who wants a deeper dive into the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk). Beginners and experienced lifters are welcomed. Free with our Premier Membership.  Try a free session!

HYSC - Halo Youth Strength & Conditioning (Ages 10-15)

For youth ages 8-15.  The perfect program to compliment any sport!  Your child will get stronger, faster, increase agility, and lower the risk of injury.  Starting as low as $100 per month.  Try a free class!  

Pure Balance Naturopathic Medicine

Connect with Dr. Alison Relat and break through the nutritional plateaus that have been holding you back from experiencing amazing results. Email Dr. Alison at [email protected] . Click HERE for more info!

InBody Body Analysis

Track your progress with our state of the art InBody body scan.  Track your muscle, water weight, body fat, BMI and other really important data points. Included on our Premier and Basic Plus Memberships.

Open Gym

Come in and workout in our open gym area during our regular business hours.  It's the perfect space and mix of equipment to workout on your own in case you miss a class or session.  Included on our Premier and Basic Plus Memberships.

24/7 Access

Have a crazy schedule?  Get the convenience of 24/7 access and workout on your schedule.  Whether it's 1:27am or 10:03pm, don't miss a sweat sesh!  Included on our Premier and Basic Plus Memberships.

Massage Chair Recovery

Sit back and relax in our medical grade massage chair following a hard workout.  It'll feel like there are a team of people working out those tough knots.  Included on our Premier and Basic Plus Memberships.

Infrared Sauna

Hop into our infared sauna and listen to some tunes or just tune out and relax while your body sweats out some toxins.  Peace, quiet, and relation?  WHAT????  Included on our Premier and Basic Plus Memberships.

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