What is Operation William's Family?

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Rachelle Williams, a beloved member of our Halo Fitness Experience and CrossFit703 community, recently suffered a severe spinal cord injury on 4-24 due to a weightlifting accident (see below for more details and updates). As she navigates this challenging journey of recovery, along with her devoted husband and four children, they face significant financial hurdles in the weeks, months, and even years ahead.

In times like these, our solidarity and support can make an immense difference. We are called as a community to contribute whatever we can to aid Rachelle and her family during this trying time. Your donations will not only provide much-needed financial relief so they can focus on Rachelle and her recovery, but also serve as a beacon of hope and strength for them.

Together, as a united community, we can lighten their load, even if just by a fraction. Let's stand by Rachelle and her family, showing them that they are not alone in this fight. Your generosity and compassion will undoubtedly make a profound impact on their lives.


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Rachelle was admitted to the ICU at Inova Fairfax on the afternoon of April 24 after a weightlifting accident, resulting in a severe spinal cord injury. She underwent a surgery that evening to fuse portions of her spine and spent the next 7 days in the ICU. She was on a vent around the clock until a trach was placed on April 29th. She has since started weaning off of the vent, and as of May 7 is spending more time off of the vent than on it! She also regained her smell after 10 days, a huge victory!

She currently does not have any use of her lower body, and limited in her upper body. She just started intense PT and will need this for the forseeable future. There will be significant house and living considerations, they will need help for their 4 children in the form of a nanny or au pair, and so many more things that all require additional financial resources.


5/29/24 Update from Rachelle's sister, Dawn: 


I don't know for whom I'm doing this update. We are suspended in time but it somehow keeps moving. I sang to the twins over the phone at their bedtime. Tonight was Audrey's orchestra concert and tomorrow is Wiler's band concert. Parents go to stuff like that, they take pictures and post about it-they run around crazy after work/school trying to make dinner and handle other kids and all the things that happen so you can get to a concert smiling with your instrument in the right shoes...I FaceTimed Audrey tonight to hear about it and their precious neighbor recorded every song for Rachelle and Raymond. They didn't have time to watch it, yet. Her schedule is full and tomorrow is somehow double full. Ray barely has time to glance at his phone. "Outcomes," "limitations," "toughing it out," ...phrases you don't anticipate saying in this season of your life. Shirley Ryan AbilityLab is bright and open, and Rachelle has a view of Lake MI through the cityscape with a sunrise before 5:30am. Ray gets to stay with her. She's fighting hard-PT, OT, assessments, utility bands, tendodesis grasp and release...

Wanna write to her? Want to make the mail person roll their eyes but secretly wonder why this person gets so much mail? Maybe he/she will ask, and Ray or Rachelle can brag on the people carrying a corner of her stretcher before Jesus. Maybe they will get to tell the mail person about Jesus. Or maybe, she just needs to hear from you.   Rachelle Williams, 355 E Erie St., Chicago, IL 60611   Audrey (their daughter who turns 12 in June) said what we all feel pretty well, "I'm happy that she is finally at the rehab place and happier because she gets to sit in a wheelchair and will get her trach out soon, but I'm sad because I still really miss her, so I'm happier and sadder all at the same time." PS. If you haven't prayed for Rachelle and all the peeps connected to this journey today, or begged God for a miracle-there is still time left in today-I double dog dare you to do it!